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From the 1st of October we moved to Chalkidiki, Greece to start a new episode in our life.

We decided to work from home, where we have beside our house a studio where we can have customers, piercing and tattoo en esthetic treatments, as well as "ON THE ROAD". Because we were asked to visit customers at their place (Scotland, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands) we decided to give this service as well, in case of at least 5 custumers,  to make it worth the trip. 

For arrangements like these and normal appointments, you can call 00306949243788 or write a mail to  tattoo-piercing@live.nl



From 2002 Hengelo's first tattoo shop opened by Annemarie Oldenhof, born in Hengelo, but lived and worked in Greece for over 10 years. 
From Hengelo, the studio moved to larger premises in Enschede, where daughter Jennifer went along to work in the studio.
The website became famous and customers came from Ameland to Vlissingen.
Just that little bit of extra attention, the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness, made many people found their way to the studio.
Besides tatoos and piercings, we also specialize in dermatography:
medical (aesthetic) tattooages for instance. Scars work reconstructed nipples after breast surgery, coloring, surface defectsand corrections where the face is not symmetrical or other imperfections as a cleft lip or scars away.
Permanent Makeup and Permanent Wrinkle Fill-up are also amongst the offerings.
In 2007, we made ​​a year Cyprus (www.edencyprus.eu) and in January 2008 back in Gronau, where we had a separate studio next to our house.

From 1 November 20014, we open our shop in Crete, Hersonissos, run by Annemarie and Roy Schlosser.
We bid you welcome, to gather information, but also for free advice and designs.
We have two domain names extra:
kretatattoo.ink and kretatattoo.nl
The phonenumbers will also be found there.
Our e-mail address is

From 16 years you can decide whether you want a tattoo or piercing, self else to come along for an adult consent.
Of course it's insane that a girl of 15 should not have a navel piercing and a boy of 16, as his entire back full of tattoos. That is why we always talk first, even if not necessary, with parents. It is absurd that parents say that a child with 18 all should do and not before then. Even after your 18th you remain a child of your parents who are always with you to have the best, so we can always talk.

Try first?

You can come along so that we can make at home first view as quiet and poss. Temporary tattoo to make changes. This service is, of course, without costs.




Our twitter account is twitter.com/kretatattoo