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Price List Esthetic

Lips, eyeliners (only above or below is also possible, and then at half the cost) and eyebrows cost 200 euros per share.
Choose for two parts, eg. Eyebrows and eyeliners than it costs 175 euros per share.
Choose for all three then it comes at 150 euros per share. So one part free of charge.
Permanent Wrinkle fill-up will each zone. A zone's upper lip, lower lip, around the eyes,
Harlequin Lines (from nose to mouth)
Wrinkles in the forehead wrinkle go by and between the eyebrows is free if one lets do another zone.
Indication zone upper lip, or Harlequin line, wrinkles besides eyes 30 euro
whole face is the first time 100 euros, 75 euros 2nd time and third time 50.