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Permanent make-up

Permanent makeup is the way to be permanently beautiful to see. With permanent makeup, you always have updated perfect eyebrows, lipliner or eyeliner. You do not have to color. Bee with a pencil You're always perfect, whether you're at home or traveling, sitting on the beach or just come out of the shower, early morning or late evening, you always make a good impression.

                      Think also of people who are allergic for some make-up materials and some who 

                      don't have a steady hand to draw daily a perfect line...



Permanent makeup is a technique in which a fine needle a special pigment is inserted just under the skin. The method originated in China and was introduced by a beautician, Ms. Chen Mingming, this technique since the early seventies practicised..De pigments used are made of minerals, they do not cause allergic reaction and contain no antiseptic (. Pigments are allergy tested and FDA approved)